Chairman’s Message

Dear Guest,

It gives me an immense pleasure to introduce you to our VPK family.

The liberation Goa in1961 was soon followed by the cooperative movement in Goa. By adopting the Maharashtra State Cooperative Societies Act, cooperative societies in the field of dairy, consumer goods, agricultural activities etc. were registered.

Cooperative movement in financial sector through urban cooperative credit societies started in Goa only in1990. I found that Urban Cooperative Credit Societies were one of the best medium to have close rapport with rural people. Urban cooperative credit societies had proved to be the best institution to meet timely credit needs of these people. Inspired by this idea and taking advantage of my vast experience in the financial sector, I took the initiative to establish VPK Urban Cooperative Credit Society Ltd in 1992.VPK commenced its operation in September, 1993.

Over the years we have built a strong stability in management with outstanding achievements, records with dedicated, committed and internally motivated Board of Directors and staff members creating conducive atmosphere of higher status and security in the minds of staff members.

I am proud that VPK has created its brand name, confidence, high status and privilege in the minds of customers and the shareholders.

I thank you for sparing your precious time for visiting our website and I invite you to do business with us.

Chairman – VPK